Brittany + James : Part Two


Brittany + James : Part Two

Really this should be titled, "Brittany, James, and Jo : Lost in the woods unprepared."

We left my house at 4:45 am to arrive at the trailhead of Whitaker's Point in time to hike there by sunrise. Granted, anyone who knows Brittany and me should know that although we are tough and love the outdoors...we are far from outdoorsy. We arrived at the trailhead. It's dark. We've never been there. And yes, we take the wrong path (if it was really a path at all). The three of us spent an hour and a half wandering in the woods, experiencing a foggy sunrise, in the complete wrong place. Eventually, we found our way back to our car and found the correct trailhead and completed our journey to Whitaker's Point but what was suppose to be a short hike became over thirteen miles round trip (shoutout to my watch for tracking my activity all the time). It was worth it. Oh my, it was worth it. We finally arrived and we were blessed with the most beautiful foggy morning, gorgeous weather, and a perfect little breeze. 

This journey was just another reminder to me that I am so fortunate to have friends like Brittany Roberts. She's beautiful. She's kind. She has the most sincere heart. It's not surprising that her other half is just as wonderful. These two are sensational together and looking through the photos in this post you will know exactly what I mean.